bragging rights

Shameless Self-Proclaimed Noteworthy Accomplishments

Producing two (genius) sons: Shepard “Shep” Siegel and Jesse Max Mundis
My older woman/younger man happy marriage of more than a quarter century to Ron VanWarmer, eighteen years my junior. (I can’t tell you how many ‘friends’ bet that we wouldn’t last six months. Ha!) Click here  for my collection of younger man jokes from those early years.)
  Raising a chimpanzee named Boris for 2 ½ years in a Manhattan apartment. (For the whole, true story, check out No, He’s Not a Monkey, He’s an Ape and He’s My Son . For Boris photos, life updates, chimp news and more go to That’s My Boris. ) Chester Zoo.
  My kismet-like collaborative writing and working relationship of over 30 years with Joan Rivers  which began in 1977 after she read one of my novels, Jessica’s Wife , and continues to this day.
  Having a song written for me (“Hester’s Song”) by my late brother-in-law Randy VanWarmer , recorded on his Beat of Love/Things That You Dream CD with Rod Stewart’s band.
  My tandem jump from an airplane at 13,500 feet—and free falling for 6,000 feet—at Skydive the Ranch in Gardiner, New York.
  Being a former long-standing contributing editor to Working Mother magazine, resident humorist on Lifetime Cable’s “Working Mother” TV show, and National Media Spokesperson for Health-Tex clothing.

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