JANUARY 08, 2015


That's the extent of my Latin.  I remember it because it embodies my linguistic inadequacies and Jewish guilt.
      It is also my excuse/confession/abject remorse for not blogging on my web site for weeks and weeks. And there's no one else I can blame.
      I feel particularly bad because so much has happened in my life that I'd like to brag...I mean blog about.

Have I mentioned that my dog has learned to play checkers?  (I mean that's worth blogging about, isn't it?)  He tried to learn chess, but he kept burying the pawns and none of the other pooches wanted to play with him.  

     Oh, that's not a photo of my dog Gulliver playing checkers.  He's camera shy when it comes to things like that.  Those two mutts, on the other hand, love to be photographed even though they wouldn't know a checker from a milk bone.  (I know because I've seen them eat both.)

     I'll keep this short. But I promise to keep all of your posted on the exciting blog-able things that continue to happen in my life.  And let me just say...there are a lot of them.



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